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Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Food Ideas...nom nom nom

I'm not a chef, but I am a cook. I think being a chef means that you can take whatever ingredients you have and make something awesome. Like those chefs that compete on Chopped on the Food Network. They're given 3 items that they must incorporate into a dish. And they're not just any 3 items, they're 3 weird items - that don't go together, like gummy bears, cheddar cheese, and lamb hearts. Or bean sprouts, chocolate chips, and chicken feet. Yet at the end of every round they always come out with impressive dishes. That, I cannot do, but what I can do is follow a recipe, which results in one of two outcomes. 1.) It's awesome and I totally take credit for it, or 2.) it sucks, and I totally blame it on the sucky recipe.

So when I come upon a good recipe, I like to share it. Last year was the very first Thanksgiving that I was ever able to host. For years I've been contributing side dishes, but being a host means the most important part of the meal is your responsibility - the Turkey. For weeks leading up to my first Thanksgiving I searched for the best Turkey recipe ever. Finally I settled on this recipe from Alton Brown @ The Food Network. I read the rave reviews, and I've tried several of his recipes in the past that have always come out fantastic. This recipe was no joke. It was a lot of ingredients. It was a lot of preparation before actually putting the turkey in, but I assure you..the results were great. What I got was a flavorful, juicy, perfectly browned Turkey that everyone loved. I've done it a few times since that last thanksgiving too, and it turned out perfect every time. If  you're in need of a recipe....definitely try this one. The family will thank you!

I also always do a sweet potato souffle, cause, well why else? It's YUMMY! And easy, but most of all, yummy. If you're doing the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top - stop it. That's just not the way to go...it has to have the pecan crunchy goodness on top. Try this recipe .

Broccoli and Cheese casserole is usually a big hit too, but I'm sorry, the recipe I use is from an old cookbook page I ripped out of some cookbook along the way, dirtied up with splatters of food and oil and crumpled in a junk drawer along with the 3,476 other recipes I jotted down or printed out. The point is, its not with me right now. And I've never been able to find the exact recipe online either, but I can tell you the result is awesome. It uses broccoli, cheddar cheese, mayo, cream of mushroom soup, some other stuff, and ritz cracker crust. If you can find one kind of close to this...attempt it. You'll love it!

My sister made corn pudding a few years back and its so good. I've made it a few times and it cannot get much easier than this recipe. If you've never tried it, try it. You won't be disappointed!

And for the all important appetizers, deviled eggs. I'm going to tell you the easy way. Boil some eggs. Cool them, crack and peel them. Cut them in half lengthwise,  take out the yolks. Mix mayo, spicy mustard, and salt and just keep tasting it till its awesome. Spoon or pipe it into the whites. Done. No need to go all fancy on these. Don't add pickles, don't add olives, don't add tuna (yes people do it, and yes, it's as gross as it sounds). If you feel the need to do something a little fancier than what I explained, put a little paprika on top. A little. Second appetizer is Spinach Balls , even if you're not a spinach lover, these are worth making. They always get finished at my house, and even the kids love them. Sometimes I serve them with Alouette cheese on the side to spread on them, but even with nothing they're good, and you can make them ahead of time and freeze them!

OK well that's about it...I just wanted to share some fool proof recipes with you guys! If you try any of them, let me know!

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