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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween is not code for "dress like a skank"

Let me preface this post by saying that I try to be positive and see the good in people and try not to judge. Really I do. Really....I promise. Having said that, I am not perfect, and I do judge sometimes (even though I shouldn't).

Why is it that every Halloween women use this holiday as a free pass to wear stripper clothes? Why do you have to be a "sexy nurse" instead of just a nurse, or a "sexy police officer" or a "sexy zombie" or a "sexy fairy", or a "sexy clown". Why is it that Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter are filled with pictures of girls bent over, ass facing the camera, one finger in their mouth. Have the Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears crotch shots of the past not taught us girls a lesson? These pics stay forever! Cover that up! The world does not need to see your boobs and your vagina. And if you have kids, even more reason to not allow people to take pics of you bent over with a man behind you acting as if he's humping you.

I don't think there is anything wrong with going out, celebrating, and having fun. I don't drink, but if you choose to - whatever. But I can't imagine why it becomes ok one day of the year to dress up like a street walker. What are your daughters going to think if they see these pics. Aren't you going to be embarrassed if your son comes upon a pic of his mom spread eagle in a g-string at a party? Gross. I just think the majority of these women I see looking like this are beautiful....and then they dress like this. Why do you want the world to see your junk? And if you choose to celebrate by dressing OVERLY-revealing, why would you want photographic evidence? I guess I'm just becoming more conservative in my old age.

Just a reminder ladies...you don't have to show it ALL to be sexy!


  1. Amen chick. I read an article that said the majority of "bigger" women and "older" women use Halloween to dress out side of the box.... (and size) Now you know my struggle with weight so nothing against us bigger girls, but a size 3 nighty doesn't look good (or even slide over my boobs) any other day of the year so why would I use it for my costume on Halloween... Just Saying.

    But, this exact thought came through my mind when I was throwing together my last minuet costume... everything is something "sexy" SO did you see my costume on fb? I was a NERDY STUDENT (to go along with professor Einstein) and there was nothing sexy about it and I loved that. Plus I got the complete costume at Good Will for less than $10. :)

  2. I did see your costume and it was cute! Lots of my friends did cute costumes, but some pics I saw were just disgusting. Old ladies with bikinis, girls with thier crotches hanging out. I mean seriously, you can do cute or even sexy without being slutty. And speaking as a chubby girl myself...it's not about weight. I can be as sexy as a skinny girl any day of the week, I just choose to save that for my husband, not flaunt it all for everyone!