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Some of you know me from my old blog "Moving to Morocco" where I wrote about meeting my husband and, you guessed it, moving to Morocco. Well, we're back now, and I want to write about other things (but yes, we're still happily married). There's no real subject to this blog. I just want to write. If you have a subject you'd like my opinion on, just let me know. I also plan on doing advice posts. If you have something you'd like an outside opinion on, e-mail me anonymously at nicegirlatl@hotmail.com! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I don't have a recent picture right this moment, so I will just post 15 facts. Whether or not they're interesting is up to you, but they're facts nonetheless....

1. I've been skydiving.

2. I've been bungee jumping.

3. I've been inside a race car going 200 miles per hour around Atlanta Motor Speedway.

4. I've played with wild monkeys...in the wild

5. I've lived outside of the country

6. Both of my children prefer their dad to me, and I'm ok with that. It actually makes me extremely happy that my children have a strong man in their lives that they can look up to, and hope to be like one day.

7. I'm very sad my son can never ride a roller coaster because it is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

8. I used to love to read anything I could get my hands on. Now I cannot stand to even spend the time trying to find a book that'll interest me.

9. I hate debating. Mostly because if I choose to argue with you, it's because I KNOW I am right. So the constant back and forth will just annoy me, and nothing will be accomplished.

10. I don't feel less Christian because I don't ever attend church. I am not less Christian than you because you do.

11. I can hold grudges for a lifetime. Just because we are forgiven by God, doesn't mean we have to, or are even capable of,  forgiving everyone whose done us wrong. Sometimes there is just no room in your life for toxic people.

12. I feel closer to some people I've never even met in person than I do some people I've been friends with for close to 20 years.

13. I hate all movies and TV shows (fact or fiction) about winning the lottery. I cannot bring myself to watch them. I would like to watch them, I just can't. It's weird.

14. I think my greatest achievement in life will be my kids. I won't probably be rich. I won't probably ever win the Nobel prize, I won't probably ever be famous, but I'm cool with that. Having 2 boys that grow up to be happy and successful men...that's enough for me.

15. When I was growing up my dream job was a lawyer or a journalist. Both would still be great options for me, but I really just wish I had Samantha Brown's job. She must be the luckiest girl in the world (career wise).

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