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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holidays Schmolidays

I've never been a "Christmas Person" or a "Thanksgiving Person" or a "Halloween Person". I do like the holidays, but I myself haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was probably in Elementary School. I like Thanksgiving, but usually with everyone having in laws and stuff it just gets complicated and annoys me, and with Christmas, the older Cain gets the more annoyed I become at how commercial has become. I mean I enjoy seeing the kids getting excited about Santa, and decorating the tree, and making sugar cookies, and seeing Christmas lights, but its the gifting that gets me. I've never once went into debt to buy the latest and greatest stuff, and I will never do so.

I love giving gifts. I love to see the faces of the people whom I'm giving gifts to. I used to spend a lot of money (but still not going into debt) on Christmas for Cain before I got married. When I moved to Morocco, the big holiday Eid Al Ahda was right near Christmas, and for Muslims its a huge holiday, like our Christmas, but my husband knew it was important for me and Cain to celebrate "our" holiday. We went out and got a tree and decorated it and bought a few things for Cain. Cain was more interested in the Eid celebration, in which he didn't receive any gifts. I remember he was staying at my in laws because they had the sheep at their house, and after a few days we had to MAKE Cain come home for Christmas! I think that's when I realized we didn't have to buy Cain 36 presents to make him happy. As long as we were together and he had something to open, he'd be fine. This past year, we got him a few things, but nothing that cost much. He loved everything we got. He was appreciative of the things he had and didn't question why we didn't buy him an Xbox, or a trampoline, or an Ipod. We spent the rest of the day playing with his stuff and the baby's stuff as a family. That was enough. So this Christmas I think our plan hasn't changed, buy a few things for the kids and be done with it. Just hang out as a family, eat some good food, and let them know what Christmas is really about.

There is one thing this year that has me excited about Christmas. Since there are a lot of kids in our family, my sisters and I generally don't get anything for one another...just the kids and mom. We'll this year my sister suggested that we make gifts for each other.  It's exactly what Christmas is about! Taking the time to put some effort into something you want to give someone. I spent a lot of time deciding what to make, and I've finally come up with it. Total cost = less than $10. I'll have to share what it is after Xmas though, they read the blog. And for my co-workers...I'm making cookies in a jar. I bought 12 mason jars for $7 and the ingredients will cost me around $10 total, so for $17, I'm going to have a cool present for 12 people. It's not just about money though, it's about the thoughtfulness and effort. That's what I miss about Christmas, that's what I want to teach my kids about Christmas. That its not about how much something cost, its about the intention of the person that gave it to you. It's about being grateful you are even getting a gift.


  1. Dang it.... I thought I could see what my gift would be on here!!!! LOL... $10 for both of us? I am gonna have to rethink my gift... KIDDING! I am the coupon queen so my supplies should be cheap too. Bella is going to help me too so I really think it was a great idea to do this year.

  2. Just remember...no macaroni necklaces, mkay? And yes, while your present will be only about $5, it will be priceless because of the hard work I put into it!

  3. Nicole- you do not have to keep posting and reminding me about the macaroni necklace. I went ahead and ate the noodles so you are now safe as I have no more. :-)
    Im still thinking of what im gonna do.

  4. I love that idea. Every year I try to throw out new ideas for my family so that we can avoid all the money being spent, that no one really has to spend. But, everyone always breaks the agreement and gifts get bought, money gets wasted, and by the end of the day the kids in my family have so many toys they can't even pick a favorite because they forgot what is what. Tony and I are creating our own traditions for Leityn. I pride myself in knowing that Leityn doesn't have to many toys now. I have went into homes (close family) and their babies have so many toys it has to be overwhelming to them. But we will be donating toys each year prior to Christmas, to make room for new ones. And all though Leityn can't really pick what he wants to get rid of, I know what he has lost interest in so those will go. Tony's parents have agreed to buy him bonds on Christmas and Bday's and I love that idea. I am not going to be so picky as to tell all the aunts and uncles what I want him to have and not, but they all know how I feel about "wasteful" gifts. I don't feel like I am depriving him, I just want to instill appreciation for the REAL meaning of the Holidays and not how much money is wrapped up with a bow.