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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weight Loss Progress

With diet and exercise, I've managed to lose some weight. I've really struggled with my weight for a long time, but it's finally becoming a lifestyle and not a diet for me. I am eating healthy and exercising everyday. It feels good to see results, but I am not even close to where I need to be. Its going to be a long road....

At week 4 I started measuring inches (I wish I'd done that from the beginning). From now on I will also include my inches in my weekly progress!

Week 1 - 6.8 lbs lost
Week 2 - 3.1 lbs lost
Week 3 - 0.4 lbs gained
Week 4 - 1.5 lbs lost
Week 5 - 4.6 lbs lost              9.25 inches lost
Week 6 - 0.2 lbs gained         3.75 inches lost
Week 7 - 2.6 lbs lost              5.75 inches lost
Week 8 - 3.7 lbs lost              5.00 inches lost
Week 9 - 2.4 lbs lost              0.00 inches lost (wierd...maybe cause I didn't exercise at all)
Week 10 - 0.9 lbs gained
Week 11 - did not weigh in
Week 12 - 5.1 lbs lost           7.25 inches lost
Week 13 - did not weigh in
Week 14 - did not weigh in    8.25 inches lost
Week 15 - 2.2 lbs lost
Week 16 - 0.7 lbs lost
Week 19 - 5.5 lbs lost            6.5 inches lost
Week 20 - 0.7 lbs lost
Week 21 - 0.9 lbs lost
Week 22 - 2.0 lbs lost
Week 25 - 3.1 lbs lost             7.5 inches lost
Week 26 - 1.6 lbs lost
Week 27 - 1.0 lbs lost
Not sure what week it is but I've lost 2.6 lbs

Total as of August 20, 2011  -       48.6 pounds lost

                                                  53.25 inches lost

Can't wait to post updates to watch my progress!


  1. Congratulations Nicole! You are doing amazing! I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. Way to go Nicole. I need to get on the ball with you and your success makes me want to get started.

  3. Thanks!!

    Sarah, You can do it!!! I am mad at myself now for not starting sooner. It's so exciting to wake up Saturday mornings and see your results for the week of hard work. And some of my stuff is starting to get loose on me. Lets do it together!