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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping up.....

I know to some extent I don't like to just "straighten up". I like to clean. And by clean I mean go through every single little thing, re-fold anything that's gotten messy in the drawers, move everything to dust - real cleaning. Sometimes if I don't have the time to invest in real cleaning, I'd rather leave it until I can do it right. But what drives me nuts is I can scour every inch of a room and by the time I'm done with it the next room looks like a tornado hit. When I'm done with that one the next one looks worse, and so on. No matter how many loads of laundry I wash, dry, and fold...there is another one lying in wait. No matter how many dishes are loaded and unloaded, there are more sitting in my sink mocking me.

Over the past few months, I've realized there is absolutely no way for me to keep up with everything that needs to be done. More recently it's become harder with the dieting and exercise. It just added more entries to my never-ending list of things to do. Between driving an hour in the morning, working all day, exercising on my lunch break, driving an hour home, cooking dinner, cleaning, laundry, the kids, showering....I feel as if I have no time. And when I do have a little extra time before I sleep, I don't have the energy to lift another finger.

I think I need an intervention or a certified professional organizer, or at the very least suggestions as to how I can stay on top of all the stuff that needs to be done at home when I am basically limited to at the most 3 hours in the evening.....anyone??


  1. When my three boys were little and I was a single mom working two (or three) jobs and we were doing dance, theater, little league, church, etc... I had to just decide to choose quality of life over cleanliness and organization. I was organized enough to know where the baseball uniform was and make sure their homework was done... but beyond that, we just went with the flow.

  2. I have a big issue with laundary so what I try to do is as everyone is taking showers at night and changing out of clothes in the evening I started tossing them into a pile and first thing when I get up I throw that load in and in my case fold it when it's done but in yours if you only had one load a day you may have time to squeeze in a couple moments to fold it up and maybe strike up a deal with the hubby to put them away, lol. Same thing with my kitchen. Load it at night and run it and unload it the next morning. I know Everyone thinks us stay at home moms arn't strapped for time either but we actually are piled on with a lot of army related duties with different groups and stuff we have to participate in and meetings for our husbands units. Btw super proud of you for making time for excercise. I've been planning to and making excuses for months. Even bought everything I need for excercising and yoga, lol.

    Good Luck!

  3. Theresa, I think its probably a great idea to throw a load in once a day. I usually do it all on the weekends which leaves me with several loads to do. Zouhair is actually really helpful on the days he's off. he doesnt mind cooking or doing laundry. But the days he works he's dead tired too. If I did a load at night and threw it in the dryer in the morning, I could fold it all when I get home. I will try that.