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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm baaaaack!!

Well the foot injury took longer to heal than expected, but since this past weekend I've been back to exercising. I have been going to the gym, but I am starting insanity tonight, which is perfect timing, as a few girls and I have started our version of "The Biggest Loser". We have 8 weeks, with weekly weigh ins and will base the winners each week on percentage of weight lost. I am so very excited that I have several other women who are as invested in their health as I am. We're keeping each other motivated, and it's not all kumbaya....we're definitely in it to win it, and phrases like "don't be sad when I kick your ass at this" have been thrown around more than once! I know that we're all very determined to get our weight in check, and it's really fun to have other people focused on the same goals as you are....the competition aspect isn't hurting any of us either!

I am very excited because I believe wholeheartedly that in the next 7.5 weeks I can get into the 140's. I'm holding myself to that goal. I cannot remember ever seeing 149 on the scale....maybe in elementary school? Who knows how long it's been, but I can say with full confidence that I WILL get there, and I will get there by the end of this competition. Along with the lower numbers on the scale, I am looking forward to seeing definition. I have muscles; they're just covered in a layer of fat. This is where Insanity is going to help, I know its going to change my body. I'm dreaming of the day my stomach is flat! Actually, I'm not just dreaming, I'm OWNING that it will happen.

I just want to say that I have full confidence that any of you who want to lose weight - can. And I want everyone to know that if you ever need any support from me, I will be here for you. Often times weight loss is overwhelming. I will never tell you it's been easy, but I will tell you it's been worth it, and it's been most helpful to have people who can identify with what I'm going through. The girls in this competition with me, they're helping me more than they know, and I'm happy to pass along that support and motivation to anyone that needs it.

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