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Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Unbelievable Coincidence

As many of you know, my husband is from Morocco. I moved there a few years back so that we could be together before moving to the US together. I remember on my first visit to Morocco I was so captivated by....everything. The buildings, the billboards, the radio stations, the food, the people. Everything was new and exciting and beautiful and I remember having my camera on me at all times. I would take pictures of everything, but especially the people. I was in awe of everything about them. I would take pictures of women who tied their babies on their backs with pieces of cloth. Women who would carry things on their heads. Old people with their makeshift hand pedal wheelchairs.

Over the past few years I've made a few girlfriends that were also Americans married to Moroccans. We're scattered all over the world, but we are in a private group on Facebook. There are just a few of us and we have become very good friends. We share everything from funny stories about our day, to our medical problems, to issues with the world - and everything in between. Often times we will randomly post pictures of our travels to Morocco.

Today the admin of the group changed our cover photo to a really pretty picture of a woman standing on the side of the road she had taken while visiting Morocco. The woman was in a blue dress and was wearing a blue head scarf. She was standing in front of a white building with a blue/green door and the sky was in the background. It was a beautiful picture, but there was something familiar about the woman. I stared at the picture for a few minutes in disbelief before finally asking her where she took it. She said she took it in the town I used to live in in Morocco. I could not believe it, but the woman in the picture was my mother in law. I wanted to be 100% sure so I showed the picture to my husband. He laughed and said "Wow, that IS my mom".

How amazing is it that this girl I have never met in real life happened to (unknowingly) cross paths with my mother in law in a foreign country of 32 million people, randomly take her picture while driving by in a car, and post it in our tiny little group of girls. It's a small world after all.


  1. The chance of you coming across someone in america who just happened to randomly take a picture of your mother in law during her travels on another continent are huge. On top of tthat ther are thousands of americans married to moroccans so the chances you would become friends with this exact one and then that she would just happen to pick this exact picture for the cover or a group of fifteen out of thousands oof women. Then odds seem staggering. Yet it happened. Fate? Luck? Chance? Something. Lots of love. Tracy d