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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shocking News Story out of Mississippi...

After browsing through the news as I do most days, I came across a story that saddened me beyond words. Daily we are filled with stories of robberies, rapes, war, and murder. These stories are so common that sometimes, they don't even shock me. But this story really got to me.

 A young mother, 24 years old, killed her toddler. This happens a lot in the news as well. What you don't hear in the news often is the way she killed her little boy. She placed him in the oven - alive - and cooked him to death. He died of heat injuries and his body was badly burned.

I understand being frustrated by your kids. I understand wanting to pull your hair out sometimes. I even understand having to walk away from your kids because you're just so mad that you have to breathe for a minute. What I do not understand is what frame of mind you'd have to be in to harm your child. Not only harm your child, but torture them. Slowly killing them by putting them in a hot oven and allowing them to burn to death. Even if she put him in the oven in a moment of rage (not that that's acceptable in any way) she had time to realize what she was doing was the most disgusting thing ever. She had time to change her mind and save him. She had to hear him screaming in pain. She had to hear him kicking to try to get out, yet she continued on with her plan. What kind of sick individual can do this? Not only do it, but do it to your own flesh and blood. Your baby. The one person you should be willing to die for.

Whenever I hear about a child being killed I am always most sad when I think about what the child must have been feeling and thinking. They must have been so scared, and so confused as to why the person they love the most is hurting them. In this particular case I'm sure there was prior abuse, it's not very often you hear of someone going from parent of the year to cold blooded child killer. I just hate that this boy had to suffer.

I really cannot wrap my head around what the mom (and i use that term loosely) was thinking. I sometimes hope that it's a mental condition they cannot control, because it pains me to think people could actually consciously hurt another human being, let alone their own baby. Regardless of her mental state, I hope that this woman gets the death penalty. She deserves to die for what she did. There is a special place in hell for people like that.

You can read the story here.

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