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Friday, March 11, 2011

Braggers on Facebook

I usually check in on Facebook a few times a day....whenever I get a spare second. I like FB because I cannot see my friends regularly and I like to keep up with whats going on with people. It's a way to stay connected when life is too busy to find actual real life face time with friends. But then there are some people that just annoy me to no end. Specifically the braggers of Facebook.

Look, I just like you, like to share good news. I also share bad news, news stories, and my weight loss progress. Actually I'm sure I annoy people with my postings about weight loss, and that's fine, I understand, but I really do that not to get a pat on the back, but kind of as a way to keep going. I feel accountable when people other than myself know I gained or lost. It's just a little motivation. But I don't mean to annoy, so forgive that. I'm not saying I've got perfect Facbook etiquette.

But some people update several times a day with just how charmed their life is. "I have the perfect husband/wife" "My children are amazing" "My friends are the best" "My job couldn't be any better" "My house is sooo big, but my amazing kids and husband and housekeeper keep it in perfect working order" "I'm the most organized person I know" "I'm better at doing this than anyone" "It's my birthday, anniversary, kids birthday, etc. so I'm going to keep reminding you every 30 seconds" "I love that I'm so in shape" I could keep going. Now any one of these things at once is fine. But seriously, every post? Maybe these people are just trying to have a positive outlook on things, and I commend that (doubtful, but possible). What I really wonder when I've seen months or years of these posts though is "are they trying to convince the world, or convince themselves"? Everyone has a bad day, and it's completely ok if you don't come off as being perfect!

I am always happy when I see someones children have succeeded at something. And when friends get to take a family vacation and share pics. And when a friend buys a new house. I truly am happy when people are happy. But there is a line between just sharing good news and bragging. I just don't know how they don't see that they are coming off as fake!

Anyway, this post may piss some people off, and I understand that, I'm just asking that you re-evaluate your need to say how amazing every single aspect of your life is every five minutes. It's really not believable.


  1. People that brag do so because they need to make themselves feel better. I notice it all the time. And it's normally people who have nothing to brag about really, but find something and they stick to it and don't let it go! I simply skip through those 'bragging' posts and laugh knowing exactly who they are and how they live! :o)

  2. Insecure people brag.

  3. Right. Like I Realllly need to know everything that happens in their little lives.

  4. I think they do it because they feel bad about something else so instead they make their lives perfect on facebook.

  5. I feel it is just the old keeping up with the Jone's mentality!Facebook and other social media outlets, especially twitter are just plain narcissistic!We live in a self based society where everyone thinks they are special and wants to be a celebrity in their own right.I myself got caught up in the narcissism when I began fb. I was just emulating what I saw others do, and needed the approval I never received being the loner chubby chic growing up!I had way too many glamour shot pics of just me all alone,must admit LOVED the compliments and attention...at first till they became intrusive and creepy! And btw, that is sign #1 you are becoming a fb narcissist lol ! Not to mention posting several times a day random nobody gives a crap things like what I was cooking for dinner....eeeewwwww who was I becoming? That was not me that was just gross!I would justify but everyone is doing this.I needed a break from fb altogether for many reasons including to put my ego in check!It is also if you feel you are lacking something in your real life. For me I was procrastinating about the things I wanted to do, and instead just posting and talking about my art and what I was gonna do. But could never find the time to actually do it because I was online so often. Well, once I unplugged and returned to my real life and had a life, I no longer needed the affirmation, approval and attention of others besides my family : )

  6. Someone always knows the truth about the bragger and how they tend to embellish

  7. I know somebody who is obsesses with her daughter she made a Facebook account for her daughter when she was an infant. All the pictures on her Facebook photo are all the pictures of her daughter. Her status update is always about her daughter like my daughter is so cute, beautiful or just simply says "oh look at my beautiful daughter wearing a princess dress isn't she beautiful" just the other day her update status said "I'm enjoying living in heaven on earth" she likes to tell people how wonderful her husband is while everybody knows that her husband was selfish, irresponsible man who he met online with fake identity said that he was 20 years younger than his actual age, he was divorced (he was still married) he also said that he was a software engineer but the truth is he is a cab driver from Pakistan.

    Only six months after they met on the internet he came to her country to meet her for the first time and married her which left her family in shock!!!!!!

    She did all of this just to show her fiance who cheated on her just 2 months before their wedding. So now that everybody is on Facebook she updates her status every single day with fake story to get her ex fiance attention even though people know that he is married to an old man who does not respect and value her as a wife, he has a lot of medical problems,super grumpy, insensitive and even worst he hate there 4 year old daughter which he thinks as unwanted child.

    The first time I know about her disappointing life I felt really sorry about her and tried to help her somehow but even with me (her best friend)she still pretended like everything is fine with the intention to get her ex fiance attention and believe that she had a very happy marriage even though most people know that she fakes it all the time.

    It's hard for me to understand someone would fake everything with the intention to make someone else believe she has a wonderful marriage while she is suffering. I don't think it's worth it.

  8. i recently unfriended some douche bag from my school because all he could talk about was his new car that cost $20,000 his dad bought for him or which one of his 3000 dollar watches his dad bought for him should he wear or his new job that pays 15 bucks an hour that his dad got for him I couldn't take it. I wanted to scream SHUT UP YOU LOW LIFE ARROGANT DOUCHE BAG!!! IF YOU ARE SOO FUCKING DANDY THAN BUY YOUR OWN SHIT AND PIPE THE FUCK DOWN AND STOP LEACHING OFF YOUR FATHER!!! he inst even that nice and all he doesn't school is brag about his iPad. I don't even know hwy his parents buy him all these things his marks and attitude are awful as well as his personality, ability to get girls, and his looks are just ugly and non existent.

  9. It boils down to being sensitive to other's needs. If there are FB friends out of work, bragging about all your great job offers doesn't make them feel too good. On the other hand, posting or messaging about a job opening to one in need will be a blessing. Same goes for health, family, etc.

    You don't stuff yourself in front of a person that is starving to death.