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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recommitting for the New Year

Wow, I haven't written since October. Life has been in the way of writing, but I really do want to make an effort to make writing a part of my weekly routine. Again I've just been working and dealing with the family stuff and time gets away from me. I did want to make some time to write a post about my weight loss progress. Since the last time I wrote, I've only lost 5 lbs. For the most part I've just maintained which is a feat in itself as the holidays are all about food! I managed through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my 31st birthday without gaining. I am still in a size 10 and I am now 154 pounds.

Here is a progress pic. On the left I'd already lost about 15 lbs. On the right, the day I fit into a size 10 at 159:

I have now been living a healthy lifestyle for 13 months. I am much happier and much healthier, although, I am not even close to where I want to be physically. For my new years resolution, I decided to recommit to my exercise routine, which I have totally slacked on lately. It's been hard to find time to get to the gym and I haven't had any real motivation to workout at home either. I did find time this week to hit the gym, however, even when I'm at the gym I feel like I'm not getting the workout I need. It's hard to workout on my own when I really don't know how much I should be working out. I can spend two hours a day at the gym, but I'm not seeing the results I think I should, which leads me to believe I'm not working out effectively.

After some research, I decided to continue going to the gym, but to add another workout along with the gym. I purchased the Insanity workout system today. It's a high intensity 60 day workout program. It's by the same makers of P90X, but even harder. I'd seen the infomercials and did a lot of research and realized one thing. It would be impossible for this plan to NOT work, unless I just didn't put in the effort. I know I'm probably not as fit as you should be to start a workout regimen like this one, but I can accomplish anything I choose to. I know I can do this. I took the fitness test portion of insanity today and I got a little more than half way through it before I felt like I was going to pass out and/or throw up. I know it sounds weird, but that's the kind of workout I need. It's the kind of workout I know is pushing me. Its the kind of workout that will produce results.

I took pictures today since it was day 1 of the 60 day challenge. I was mortified at how I look in those pics. Yes, I've lost a lot of weight. Yes, I am much smaller than I was. But I am incredibly jiggly and majority fat. I am so focused on making sure that I can take a picture and feel happy. I want to walk without my thighs wiggling. I want to wave without the flab on my arm flapping around. I am determined to get this weight off and I am sure I'm going to be frustrated and sore and tired, but really, in retrospect, every tear I've shed, every sore muscle I've had, every time I've skipped cake, cookies, or fried food, has been worth it. Nothing feels as good as setting your mind to a goal and obtaining it. Right now my goal is in my mind and I will stick to it. I will complete this 60 days of intense exercise. I will get this jiggly butt under control!!!!!!


  1. You Can do this!!! I am interested to see how Insanity works for you.....I have been debating about buying that, or the P90x....But I have quite a few workout dvd's already. Need to lose 21 pounds and I want to see my abs for the first time in my life!! Please keep us posted on your progress

  2. Congratulation to you! And thank you for sharing your experience to those still on the couch. Best to you!

  3. I will definitely keep posting my results. It keeps me motivated to know that I have to tell someone how my workouts are going!

    As soon as you're ready to get off that couch, you will, and you'll be fabulous at working toward being healthier!!!