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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let's Forgive Casey Anthony

Since the verdict, the media has been full of stories about her safety. Full of stories of people that want to marry her, kill her, torture her. Full of articles asking how she could have gotten off. Full of speculation about where life will take her now as one of the most hated people in the United States, if not the world.

One category of story I can't understand is "Forgive Casey Anthony". I read an article that asked the question, "Will hating Casey bring Caylee back"? Why no, it won't, but neither will forgiving her. This story has captivated a nation for three years. It angered a nation when a woman did not even tell authorities her daughter was missing for 31 days. It angered us even more when we found out she was entering wet t-shirt contests and partying during this 31 day period. It brought the anger to a whole new level when we heard there were searches for chloroform on her computer. When there was a dead body stench in her car trunk. And finally the anger was brought to a level that cannot be explained when Caylee's remains were found with duct tape and a heart sticker across the mouth.

During the trial, there were talks that she could get off due to all of her changing stories. That they only had to prove reasonable doubt. I, along with the bulk of the nation, believed this case was a slam dunk. When the jury deliberated, they'd surely come back with a big fat GUILTY. As we all know now, that's the opposite of what happened, and today, Casey Anthony is a free woman.

If you feel like you could forgive this woman, go ahead, but please do not expect the majority of the world to forgive her. I am not too proud to admit that I am not that good of a person. I don't think people that kill their babies should be forgiven. Not by me, not by you, not by God. I believe people who hurt babies should eternally rot in hell, and in the interim, should live a tortured life here on earth.

If I heard tomorrow that she was killed, would I be happy? Probably not, just because I don't celebrate death. But would I feel sorry for her? No. I do actually believe in an eye for an eye, and if you kill your kid and get off by a technicality, then you will get what you deserve another way. Call me a bad Christian if you want because I choose to not forgive someone that killed their baby and lied, lied, lied about it for 3 years. Some offenses, in my opinion, are just not forgivable.

This woman will not go away. I don't give it long before we find her back in jail or dead. I don't think there is any possibility in the world for her to live a normal life, and she doesn't deserve one anyway, so when the day comes and she gets real judgement - from God, for that, I will be releived.

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