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Monday, December 20, 2010

Bye Bye 2010

I had high expectations for 2010. Yeah, I was gonna get a great new job, maybe win the lottery, maybe lose some weight, maybe get a new car. Well, it's now December 20, 2010. I've had almost a whole entire year for these things to happen. Guess what? I am still at the same job, I didn't win the lottery, I actually gained a little weight, and I still drive my same old 10 year old car. I didn't have a new addition to my little family. I didn't take an amazing vacation around the world. I didn't even get more than 4 consecutive days off from my job. I didn't really do anything remarkable.


I can't write 2010 off as a failure. Nope, the opposite actually. In looking back, 2010 was pretty great. I got a date or two with my husband - alone. We got snow a few times. We went to a few basketball games. We got to welcome my inlaws to our new house. We went to Six Flags, the Aquarium, Renaissance Festival, Rock City. Cain got a great new teacher for the new school year. I won some money at my company picnic. Zayd turned two. Cain turned 9. Went to The Great Wolf Lodge for Cain's birthday.

I'm really happy in knowing that in just 2 minutes I can name several good things that happened over the past year. But I'm mostly counting 2010 as a great year for what didn't happen. We didn't have any major illnesses this year. Other than the common cold we were all healthy. And any year that  my kids, my husband, and I are not sick....is a memorable one.

I am so looking forward to a great 2011, and I hope everyone else has a great new year as well.

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