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Some of you know me from my old blog "Moving to Morocco" where I wrote about meeting my husband and, you guessed it, moving to Morocco. Well, we're back now, and I want to write about other things (but yes, we're still happily married). There's no real subject to this blog. I just want to write. If you have a subject you'd like my opinion on, just let me know. I also plan on doing advice posts. If you have something you'd like an outside opinion on, e-mail me anonymously at nicegirlatl@hotmail.com! Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 20, 2010

blog challenge

I changed my mind...I don't want to do this "challenge", I just want to write about random stuff!

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  1. Me too. I realized it takes the fun out of blogging by feeling like I had to sit down and do it, therefore I haven't done it in weeks. LOL