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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Teen Mom.....

There are not many shows that I am this involved in. I am passionate about this show.  I think this show in particular gets to me because I was in this situation. I was a young single mom. I was a young single mom of a child who was very sick. I was a young single mom of a child who was very sick with a terrible paying job that I could barely show up for between my child's surgeries and procedures. And I made it work. So it leaves me wondering, how can some of these moms think about only themselves.

My thoughts are not ALL bad about the people on the show, but I'm just going to do a run-down on my opinions of each....

Wow, how hard would it be to make a decision to give your child up. Obviously its not a decision you take lightly, and I don't think these two did. I think what they did was selfless. They wanted their baby, but they could recognize that their situation was not ideal to add a child into. Especially when you look at Catelynns mom and how verbally abusive she is to Catelynn. That woman is a train wreck, she's one of the people I hate the most on the show. She cannot understand that Catelynn and Tyler want to finish school and go to college. They want to be teenagers. And they should want that for themselves. They were responsible enough to realize that they'd miss out on a lot, and their child would miss out on a lot if they chose to keep her. Some people wonder why they're on the show, since they don't have a kid. Well, I think it's really good to show that side of getting pregnant as a teen. Just because you give your baby up for adoption doesn't mean the emotions go away. I'm sure this is something they'll struggle with for the rest of their lives.

I think Maci's doing the best out of all of them. She really seems to put Bently first and do whats best for him. She seems very patient and loving toward him. She also seems like being a mom is not an obligation to her, but something she enjoys doing. I wasn't particularly impressed with her decision to move away from her family for a guy that seemed very immature, but I guess sometimes love is blind. Even though they broke up, I was glad she decided to stay and do it on her own. Sometimes being self sufficient requires that you get in a situation where you have no other choice. I'm sure she will do well wherever she ends up. Ryan on the other hand, I think he just wants more time with Bently to make Maci mad.

Whoa, she is whiny, spoiled, and uber-annoying, or was. Farrah seems like she's slooooowly starting to grow up. I think dealing with the loss of her baby's daddy is helping her a lot. She's not a perfect mom by any means, but I think she is getting better. Good for her for seeking therapy. I hope that sometime soon she starts to play a little more with her baby. These kids need interaction with other kids, or at the very least, their parents.

Seriously, seriously? Why are these two on the show. Amber is a verbally and physically abusive beast. I have never once seen her (or Gary for that matter) interact with their child. Never playing, never hugging, never kissing. She has constantly been ignored. That kid is going to end up messed up from constantly seeing screaming and fighting. Amber is the most self-centered person I think I've ever witnessed. She is more concerned with her hair, nails and dating than her own child!!! Her walmart guy date is a convicted child molester....hey honey, of course he "loves" that you have a kid. If some guy said he was on a work release program and living in a half-way house, I'm pretty sure that'd be my cue to get the hell out of there. Right then. Stop eating, get your ass up, and leave, but at the very least....ask why the heck he's in jail. Duh. I'm just frustrated that they've not been kicked off the show or something. If anyone should have given their child up for adoption, it should have been those two!!

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